Cost-Effective Marketing for your Business on Social Media

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Cost-Effective Marketing for your Business on Social Media

Cost-Effective Marketing for your Business on Social Media

Marketing your small business is one of the most important parts of your business. Without marketing who would know about your business? The answer is maybe a few people such as friends and family but in most cases, you will need more than just friends and family as your customers. We are going to share some cost-effective marketing tips for your small business.

Engage with users

You must be engaging with users after they like, comment or retweet a post. Even after they follow you, you want to retain the follow and hopefully turn them into a customer. Sending a quick thank you message for engaging with a post will help you see results quickly and most importantly it’s FREE, it can be very time to consume though. Due to it being free shows that this one of the top cost-effective marketing tips.

The Right Audience

Using hashtags will put the content informant of the users that you want. With Instagram and Twitter,  you can use hashtags and you can also do a hashtag search which will be vital when looking for good hashtags to use. You can also run a boosted post on Instagram and Facebook, although this will cost money it is proven to drive results to your page. Putting your content in front of the right user is very important so using Facebook’s targeting will help drive the results you are looking for.

Going Live

With Facebook, Periscope Youtube, and Instagram you can go live and interact with your followers in real time. Going live will help your business grow because if the content you share is providing value to your followers. You want to give people a call to action in your live videos so always attach a link for them to click on and that will help you get instant leads. Have a great landing page that will capture the leads that you generate from your live videos.


If you are in B2B sales, which means business to business. The social media site is LinkedIn to connect with other business professionals and promoting your business on their platform. LinkedIn is a great platform to find local business owners and connect with them, to talk about your services and what you can do to help their business out.
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