5 Tips For Creating Better Social Media Content for Your Audience in 2018

5 tips to creating better social media content for your audience

5 Tips For Creating Better Social Media Content for Your Audience in 2018

5 Tips For Creating Better Social Media Content for Your Audience in 2018

1. Tell a story

You want to tell your audience a story with your content. The best way to do this is to write a storyline from the beginning to end. Think of a movie, there is a hook, plot, and resolution. Ask yourself these questions:

Is your hook compelling?
Is it attention-grabbing?
Does it spark curiosity?
Would it intrigue someone to know more about your story?
Does your plot include characters, drama, mystery, suspense, novelty?
Would your audience be engaged in your plot?
Does your resolution include your outcome?
Is your “Call To Action” clear to your audience?
Is your CTA persuasive?
2. Know your audience
Knowing who you are creating content for is a very important factor of how much engagement you will get with your posts. You want to study what they are liking, re-tweeting, sharing, and pinning. Creating content around what your audience likes will drive traffic to your social media channels and your website. When you create content for your audience it will ultimately drive the traffic that you want to your website.
3. Have a call to action
Having a call to acton is very important to driving traffic to your website, or having your audience engaging with your posts. In your post include things such as a link to your website, “comment below if you agree”, “what is your opinion”, etc. Your goal is to get the users to interact with your posts.
4. Use videos
Posting a video is going to have a higher engagement, your audience is about 10x more likely to interact with your post when you place a video in your content. 65% of users will watch 3/4 of your video which is a very high retention rate. Research shows that 71% of marketers agree that video performs better than any other content. When using video you want to put out quality content for your users to enjoy watching and be informed, video is one of the strongest marketing tools out there.
5. Hashtags
If you do not already, start adding hashtags to your posts on Instagram. Hashtags are FREE marketing! So why not take advantage of that. Start by analyzing your keywords that are relevant to your business such as “#SocialMediaMarketing” or “#AZDentist“, you want to be specific with your hashtags. On Instagram, you can search for hashtags, when doing this look at how many posts are under the hashtag and the most recent posts. You want a hashtag that is relevant, has a decent amount of posts (500-60k) depending on the niche. Your goal is to become the top 9 posts in the hashtags so your post gets more engagement, which will result in more likes, follows and link clicks which will drive targeted traffic to your website.
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