Creating a Landing Page That Converts Traffic Into Leads

Creating a landing page that converts traffic b log post picture

Creating a Landing Page That Converts Traffic Into Leads

Creating a Landing Page That Converts Traffic Into Leads

Landing pages are very important when it comes to converting traffic from a source such as a paid advertisement or organic traffic.

1. Give the user something valuable

When the user first land on the landing page they are going to choose to trust it or not. Giving something away for free such as a guide, e-book or a discount in return for an email address will help you grow your email list with people who may be interested in purchasing your product or service. For example, if you own a consulting business that helps people lose weight, you may give them a free 7-day meal plan. By doing this it instills trust in within the customers and if they like the 7-day meal plan then they may come back for the 30-day meal plan that will cost them money. By giving something small to get something larger in return potentially.

2. Having a beautiful landing page

The landing page is meant to capture emails and inform the user. On successful landing pages, the incentive is explained but not too much information is given away. The goal is to not give away too much information or else they won’t download the incentive. Having a video on the landing page is proven to help convert traffic into leads. Create a short 2-5 minute video giving them a little bit of information that will help prove your expertise.

3. Trust

Building trust online is very important when collecting a users information so ensuring that you know what you are talking about will help convert targeted traffic into leads. It is much harder to build trust when you are behind a computer screen and you can not talk to the user in person about what your offerings are.

4. Follow up

Follow up with using an email marketing campaign that will help turn those leads into sales. You should have a funnel developed that will help turn your targeted traffic into leads and those leads to sales. Providing value to the customers is going to be important. Giving away an extra free e-book, guide, or case study to your users in your email campaign to help close the deal.
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