Linen & Leah
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Working With Linen & Leah

Linen & Leah is a start-up e-commerce business that promotes safe sleep environments. The Founder Jen O’Malley, created Linen & Leah to help defeat the problem of having loose sheets within Pack ‘N Plays. Our team assessed their needs and came to a conclusion on what services would be beneficial to drive them the results they were looking for. They wanted to become a household name within the baby industry and they are becoming one. The services we provide Linen & Leah are:

  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • E-commerce
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Professional Photography
Video Marketing

Our video marketing team created engaging video ads that would inform the customer about their sheet but also get them excited to buy. We used a variety of video marketing techniques to engage their audiences with typography and motion graphics. Our team thought it would be smart to create a giveaway video to gain followers and email subscribers and the video yielded great results. Creating a video that jumps off the news feed and causes the user to engage with the post takes a lot of planning and research to understand what the audience wants to see and will interact with especially in e-commerce. We create videos for each aspect of the sales process which allows us to know who is actually engaging with their brand based on the video watch time.


  • Professional Videography (Certain Videos)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Background Music
Digital Advertising

Our digital marketing specialists created Facebook and Instagram ads for Linen & Leah. At the beginning of our advertising campaigns, it took about 30 days to find an audience based on our testing. We were able to bring in high-quality link clicks for about $.24 each from cold traffic and $.30 per link click from our retargeting ads on average. We set up ads for every aspect of the sales funnel from cold traffic to warm traffic to hot traffic to purchase. We run split tests and edit ad copy and targeting until we find an audience that works and we can scale with. After, we find an audience that yields 150 purchases and we create a look-a-like audience based on the data. We love working with e-commerce stores and start-up businesses like Linen & Leah to build their online presence and raise brand awareness.

  • Power Pixel
  • Conversion Ads
  • Traffic Ads
  • Messenger Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Look-A-like Audiences
  • Custom Audiences
Social Media Management

We manage Linen & Leah’s Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. In the beginning, we asked what their goals were for social media and they wanted to build brand awareness to become a household name. We had a photo shoot to gather branded content in the beginning stages since they were a start-up. Our team researched the best hashtags for their niche to capture a good audience of moms and new parents. We used these hashtags to help us show up on potential customers Instagram feeds. We post content on their social media platforms daily to drive engagement and raise brand awareness. The content we create is thoroughly researched by our social media specialists and our goal is to inform our audience about safe sleep practices and SIDS awareness.  Inferno always puts our customers at the forefront of their industry and we did this by adding an interactive Facebook Messenger bot to their profile. The bot allows customers to learn more about the sheet, get customer service, and visit our website. It’s very beneficial when you can talk to a customer in real time to help them complete purchases.

  • Facebook Management
  • Twitter Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Pinterest Management
  • Custom Facebook Messenger Bot

E-commerce is a very competitive industry but it’s our job to help our clients build an e-commerce platform that will sell their product and provide value to their audience. When we first started working with Linen & Leah their website wasn’t in line with the industries. We built them a custom e-commerce website on Shopify and tailored every aspect of the website to their brand message. The product page not only sells their pack ‘n play sheet but it informs the customer and walks them through a perfectly laid out sequence to make a purchase. We also complete E-commerce SEO on their website by blogging regularly and getting press releases for their brand online to help build more brand credibility. The e-commerce industry is always changing since the way people purchase goods is always different but we help our customers stay abreast to these changes. We do this by setting up text message marketing campaigns and abandon carts through text. The same is done for Facebook Messenger because we never want to miss out on a potential customer. Our email marketing specialists set up 5 abandon cart email sequences to bring the customer back after they add to the cart. 

  • Custom E-commerce Website
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Abandon Carts in Facebook Messenger
  • Abandon Cart Emails
Professional Photography

Since Linen & Leah was a start-up they had no photography to start advertising with we had to schedule a photo shoot with our photographers to create content that would display their brand story. We had a variety of models that we were able to take photos of and that made our content look amazing. Their e-commerce store also needed to have product photography done so we took high-quality product shoots displaying the benefits and durability of the sheet.

  • Lifestyle Photography
  • E-commerce Photography
  • Social Media Photography
  • Product Photography

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