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Working With Stumpy's San Antonio

We loved working with Stumpy’s Hatchet House and our team enjoyed working with them to create amazing content. Stumpy’s San Antonio came to us because the company they were using before us weren’t proving them with the results they were looking for. Our team assessed their needs and came to a conclusion on what services would be beneficial to drive them the results they were looking for. We would consult with them on a regular basis to gather new content, help with business strategy and bring our creativity into their establishment. The services we provided Stumpy’s San Antonio were:

  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • WiFi Marketing
  • ClickFunnel Creation
  • Consulting
Video Marketing

Our video marketing team created many engaging videos that drove in customers and made them feel like they were being featured in commercials. When a customer would see themselves in the videos they would tag all their friends to show them they are being featured. We used a variety of video marketing techniques to engage their audiences with animation, typography and motion graphics. Creating a video that jumps off the news feed and causes the user to engage with the post takes a lot of planning and research to understand what the audience wants to see and will interact with. The diversity and creativity our videos have put Stumpy’s Hatchet House inline with their target audience (21-50 years old). 


  • Professional Videography (Certain Videos)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Animation
  • Background Music
Digital Advertising

Our digital marketing specialists created Facebook and Instagram ads for Stumpy’s. At the beginning of our advertising campaigns, it took about 21 days to find an audience based on our testing. We noticed costs we’re a little high so we asked for their customer list so we could build a look-a-like audience. After the look-a-like audience was built it took us about 14 days to find out what audience would convert the best. We found an audience to deliver us link clicks as cheap as $.16 at times but we averaged $.34 per link click. We had great engagement and people loved to see themselves and sharing the ads on their social media platforms. With a minimal advertising budget, we received great results and were able to drive customers into their establishment. It’s “axe-citing” working with axe and hatchet throwing houses and we know the sport very well and considered Axe-perts in axe throwing advertising.

  • Power Pixel
  • Offer Ads
  • Event Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Look-A-like Audiences
  • Custom Audiences
Social Media Management

We managed Stumpy’s Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram. When they first came to us they told us they wanted to have a professional looking Facebook page to make them look like the large corporation that they are. We created content based on the photos they would provide us on a weekly basis, it was important to have fresh content with new faces. Our team researched the best hashtags for their area to capture a good local audience and we used these hashtags to help us show up on potential customers Instagram feeds. Using hashtags showed a 77% more engagement than not using any hashtags at all. Inferno always puts our customers at the forefront of their industry and we did this by adding an interactive Facebook Messenger bot to their profile. The bot allows customers to reserve a pit, learn about the games you can play, visit their website, and tell the customer hours.

  • Facebook Management
  • Twitter Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Custom Facebook Messenger Bot
WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing at Stumpy’s allowed customers to login into their wifi and in return we could collect their email address. The customers would log in to a Stumpy’s branded login portal, the login portal could display discounts, upcoming events, etc. They would have the option to log in with email or their social media account. Our software uses the customer’s information to create customer profiles and help us understand the demographics of their customers. We would use this data to help us run Facebook ad campaigns towards current customers and we created a look-a-like audience to target new customers who would are likely to visit Stumpy’s San Antonio.

  • Branded Login Portal
  • Visit-Based Emails
  • Advanced Demographic Reporting
  • Facebook Ad Integration
  • Custom Facebook Audiences
ClickFunnel Creation

Being a franchise it may be hard to capture your own leads and show how your location is different from the rest. Stumpy’s San Antonio had a hard time converting their website traffic into customers so we recommended using a ClickFunnel which would direct all the traffic to a landing page optimized for the type of traffic: cold, warm, or hot. We had to treat each customer different depending on their status in the sales cycle. The funnel included engaging videos that would make the customer want to book a pit, lead magnets that enticed the customer to give us their email address, and we integrated their reservation system for bookings.

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