Ultimate Online Reputation Management Guide

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Ultimate Online Reputation Management Guide


Reputation management deals with the perspective of your company in terms of its values and integrity.  Recently, the reputation of a company is dependent on its online profile and thus the reputation management focus is mostly based on the web related techniques.

Social Media has brought in end-user to the playing field and making it a thin ice to tread on for all large to small companies. Before Social Media, a company had virtually all control of their public image through radio and television which acted as their main advertising channels. Things have drastically changed in the last couple of decades in this regard and now companies don’t hold the reins of their public reputation in their own hands. The social media presence of users continues to bloat up as there is a new social media user every 15 seconds.

User-generated review sites like Yelp, SiteJabber, Amazon reviews and employer review sites like Glassdoor are compelling evidence to support the decision for opting to get an online reputation management for your business.

Reputation management today:

Reputation management in this day and age is exceptionally vital as and overlooking it may spell the demise of a franchise no matter how big and supported it is because the customer can always turn towards the next best thing. Therefore, it is advised for companies to put resources in a positive reputation management system. In a brick and mortar service, for example, 65% of people who sign on the Wi-Fi network will come back. Identifying and providing these services will increase a business manifold.

What is online reputation management?

The answer to this question is simply that it makes a big difference what the top online search results of your brand names look like that whether it is a hate site, a negative article or a good interview and article? Because clients will be influenced by this to envisage your company and it is important to have a management system in place to adequately carry out the process.

A non-existing online presence isn’t any better, either way, to safely carry on doing business in today’s world you must have a solid online reputation management package.

Any person with an internet connection could carve a dent in your reputation by simply posting a comment, making a video, writing a blog post or make an active hate site and it won’t take long for something small to develop into something you can’t handle.

Online Reputation:

Online reputation management is considered a good practice to implement to protect your business so that it may effectively deal with any negative backlash.

Start with gauging your current online reputation with searching for keywords on major browsers as listed below. You must disable personalized search so that you will have a public view of your related results

  • Your Name
  • Company
  • Brand(s)
  • Product(s)
  • High profile employees
  • Handles/usernames

One might wonder why I need online reputation management.  Well, a google top search should matters a lot for your company if a word like scam or fraud is associated with it you can’t possibly envision a flourishing business. So in a way treat google page as your business card and ascertain that it is as promising as your company deserves.

Once you perceive these image that is being projected of your company on the public you can redirect your services adequately to avoid things that induce negativity and rebuilt the lost trust by improving on the related issues. Knowing about your consumer’s opinions can help you make service–based decisions.

Sometimes on accounts of unjustified slandering, you have to take definitive action or it might have serious consequences on your reputation.

Social Media:

You have to register your username as it is the first step towards establishing an online reputation. You must acquire all top-level and relevant domains. The websites which are the foremost priority to register in are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Make sure to register with the same handle across all these platforms to boost your social media presence. The more results you can physically manage the better control you have over your online credibility. There are more than two hundred social networks so it is advised to have as many related profiles as possible.

You must set suitable privacy setting across all social media profiles to avoid any mishap.

The smaller the communication gap the better:

One of the reasons online reputation management is a need nowadays is the inability of effective communication between the consumer and the company. If a user is unable to find a fix to his issue he is free to rant or slander whatever way they like on social media which can prove to detrimental to a company’s standing. To avoid this always have several forms of contact and make sure all provided contacts are active. Make sure to respond quickly if a negative buzz does develop and get your point of view as well so any onlooker can have both sides of the story.

A response to a customer complaint via a social network is “We are aware of the problem. We are working on it and will get back to you as soon as possible” is considered a polite and adequate one. Make sure to respond quickly and don’t avoid criticism. Acknowledge the customer’s feedback and help build trust amongst the consumers. Try to be as thoroughly transparent as possible.

In case of genuine complain don’t ignore it but apologize and promise a better treatment in future. A free offer, discount or refund should also be provided.

Learning from negative criticism and turn that into a constructive opinion on how to better market and conduct services in the future.

Generate quality content:

One surefire way of getting ahead of negative results is creating high-quality content and articles of our own. They will also further build your online reputation. A helpful way is publishing guest blogs as your brand name gets a good ranking if it features on an author’s profile. Guest blogging, in turn, is also useful in expanding your business especially if it’s on a god industry publisher. Win-over the people who search for you and make them seek you out to acquire services which will, in turn, be highly beneficial for your business. A merited online review would do wonders for your online reputation as 85% of consumers trust online reviews.

Create a quality blog of your own and provide regular updates to welcome online practices and generate healthy traffic that will, in turn, be used for your business.

Set up a competent customer service:

You must invest resources in customer service if you want to build a healthy and trustful reputation. If you are a big company with extensive resources then establish a call center or get a contact management system. If the company doesn’t have suitable resources you can also initiate an FAQ specifically to tackle the most negative things that come about when your company gets mentioned and give advisable and friendly suggestions to project a positive image. The consumer is most likely to credit you for owning your negatives. In this way, build a trusted connection with your audience to gain their loyalty and bring about a brand that is loved by people so they can fight for you on places you can’t defend yourself.

The usefulness of customer testimony:

Collect credible testimonials from your clients and customers then post them on the site. Trace positive feedback and mentions from social media sites and include them on your website. Add the functionality of product reviews. Give users a chance of open interaction and recognize them as a part of your community and as a result, it will bring integrity to your reputation. You must actively scout for these testimonies as you cannot 100% prevent a negative comeback but you can make a user see both sides of the story and help overturn a situation in your favor.

Make the future of your business bright:

Social Media is the future of business and can help drive a company forward. We can do this by the positive and unique image that attracts attention and earns popularity. You will be surprised by how many of users turn to social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook to ask questions about services and products.

A useful service, that helps reinforce business especially a street side one, is smart marketing service through which a special kind of bond is created between the customer and the company. The service works in a way that it acquires the email of users that connect to Wi-Fi of the place. Then, you can trace the user’s Walk-Through-Rate™, which allows us to track which email the customers return to the location. After, we send them smart messages that allow business to thrive just be gauging the customer value. We then adequately devise your business process to cater to them accordingly.

Registering yourself in high-quality directories is also advisable and it will give you a better chance of lowering the negative search results. The recommended business directories include Yellowpages, Crunchbase, and Yelp as they trend very high.

SEO Process:

A worthy resource expenditure should be on the SEO mechanism and it can prove to be highly profitable for your overall business. It is one of the verified ways to increase your brand reputation and online popularity. You can subsequently gain better prospects and it will also boost your sales.

An identity hub setup, which will have a connection to relevant all the positive reviews, will also bring in user traffic and eventually gain customers.

Importance of Hashtags and Keywords:

You have to acquire information about what is being said online about your name. You must identify and monitor keywords and hashtags that are related to your company’s name, your brand, employees, key products, and competitors. Keep an eye on what is the gossip that is brewing in the social sites about and this will allow you be better equipped as being well informed is being empowered.

There are many online reputation management tools to help you monitor keywords such as:

These will allow you to search social media sites for any hashtag or keyword that is related to your company. You must set up a service to get notifications whenever your brand name, domains or brand name etc. is cited this will prove to be highly resourceful whenever a negative result pops up as you will have time to process it and deal it with it accordingly before it gets to top searched. Google Alerts is a competent tool to receive regular notifications in your inbox.

An effective way to deal with a negative comment:

Don’t be quick to remove bad reviews as it looks like you are covering up an underlying problem, According to a research, 1 out of every 3 users who receive an official response ended up leaving a positive review. Unless of course the comment contains slurs or is offensive then you can delete them. A google removal tool is there for when you want to remove a post or comment that violates certain laws or policies.


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