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Email Marketing Services

Inferno Agency’s email marketing services are here to help jumpstart your sales cycle. Every business should be collecting email addresses of their customers or visitors that go to their website. We will create email campaigns that will help provide value and sell your products. Our team will put together newsletters, “drip campaigns”, and other email automation sequences. We will ensure you the emails follow a systematic flow depending on the best time for the opening. Our team will help your small business save time and help create a more personalized experience for your customers.

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Every business wants to give their customers a great, personalized and engaging experience and with email marketing, we can do that. Your customers go to their emails every day and businesses they shop at are sending them emails. Our team will create an engaging campaign that your audience will interact with and help you create a personalized experience for your customers.

Grow your business with our email marketing solutions!

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Smart Email Marketing

Our smart email marketing service offers free wifi to your customers and in return, you collect their email address. We can also send smart messages which are messages that are sent based on visits. If a customer hasn’t been to the store in a month we can send them a message to entice them back in. We can also manage your reputation online, we will manage your reviews and ensure all negative reviews are dealt with properly.

Email Marketing Strategy

The first thing your email marketing specialist will do is develop an email marketing strategy to fit your business. We will research your audience and your competitors to help you develop an email campaign that your customers will enjoy and receive value from. We will display your brand story to your audience and help them connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Lead Magnets

We are going to need to develop a strategy to build your email list. We usually do this by creating lead magnets, the goal of the lead magnet is to give an incentive to your target audience in return for their email address. A few examples of lead magnets are Facebook groups, free guides, eBooks, quizzes and many more. We will create lead magnets appropriate for your business and it will help you generate more leads for your business.

Advertising Campaigns

Using social media will be one of the fastest ways to grow your email list so we can promote the lead magnets. You would need to use our social media marketing services for this. We will create an advertising campaign for your lead magnets to help increase your email contact list. The traffic from the campaign will be sent to a landing page that will be promoting the lead magnet and it will allow them to opt-in to your email list.


Website Call-To-Actions

A website call-to-action will help you promote your lead magnet and and it will help you retain website traffic. About 90% of visitors will never return to your website so capturing their email on the first visit is crucial. A website call-to-action may be a pop-up, form, floating header and many others.



Sending newsletters to your customers that represent your business and will provide the recipient with value. We will develop emails for your business that will help you be able to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Your email marketing specialist may include relevant videos, blogs, events, case studies and more.


Email Contact List Maintenance

We will maintain your email contact list and update your list by removing subscribers who are unengaged to reduce your SPAM score. Your email marketing specialist will be able to track the open-rate, click-through-rate and conversions that take place within your email campaigns. Our email marketing software will send your emails at the perfect time to ensure we get the best open rate possible.


Performance Report

We will send a monthly performance report to you and it will display the growth of your subscribers, click-through-rate, walk-through-rate, and conversions. We will explain your growth and analyze our strategy to see if any adjustments need to take place.


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Who will be creating emails for my business?

We will assign an email marketing specialist to your account and they will create content for your email campaigns. They will have experience in creating email campaigns for your industry. All the work that is completed will be quality checked by the director and then will be sent to you.

Will you be monitoring the email campaigns?

Yes, your account manager will be monitoring your email campaigns weekly. They will help optimize your list and emails for conversions. We will also help make sure you are not wasting money and help optimize your emails for the best results.

How are you going to understand my business?

We will take the time to learn your business as well as your competitors and use the information we receive from the questionnaire to understand your business. We take pride in learning our customers business to help them find what services will best fit them.

Can I provide content for the email campaigns?

Yes, you can provide content for the email campaigns, we would love to use it. Your email marketing specialist will be developing creative emails that fit your business. We will create content that will provide value to your customers and help increase conversions.

How many emails should we send each month?

Your email marketing specialist will help you decide the right amount because each business is different. We send out email blasts to build awareness and raise engagement. The amount will come down to what industry you are in and what your competitors are doing, there are businesses that send emails daily and some that send emails weekly or monthly.

What kind of results should my business expect?

We look at a few indicators to determine the performance of the email campaigns. These indicators are new subscribers, click-through-rate, walk-through-rate™*, and conversions. Our team will analyze the data and optimize the campaigns accordingly for conversions.

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