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Social Media Management





Our team of social media specialists will create content that will portray your brand story on social media. A lot of marketing agencies aren’t focused on learning your business and telling your story on social media. We value our clients business and want to see their businesses grow so we take our time to learn and develop a social media content strategy to tell your audience your story.

Social Media Management Services: Ignition Process


#1 We will assign a dedicated Social Media Manager to your account

A social media manager will be assigned to your account to manage your posts, raise brand awareness, and help drive more traffic to your website. You can communicate with your social media manager daily through email or schedule a call with them when it is convenient for both schedules.

#2 Customized social media strategy developed

Your social media manager will create a customized strategy that will work for your business. We are going to create content to post on your social media accounts and help provide value to your customers. We will research your competition and review your target market so we can create content that will effective for your business

#3 Content calendars & advertisement development

 After approval of the strategy, we will put the strategy into action. The content we create for your social media accounts will be unique and display your brand in a way your audience will be able to connect with. We will send monthly content calendars to you for approval before anything gets posted on social media.

#4 Social media optimization and maintenance

We will ensure your account is being managed daily and we will optimize it according to your audience and how they are engaging with your content. We will monitor all of your social media activity such as messages, comments, and reviews, we will respond within 24 hours. Our team also will use organic ways such as hashtags, following users, giveaways, etc., to grow your channels.

#5 Performance Report

 We will send a monthly performance report that will show the results of your account growth. We will be tracking your results and you will be able to view some analytics on your end.



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[creatica_tabs][creatica_tab tab_id=”d9c827d1-0d45-6″ title=”Quality Content”]Your content is going to be created by a social media specialists and our team of copywriters to help create content that will bring massive value to your audience. The copywriters assigned to your account will have experience in writing content for your industry.[/creatica_tab][creatica_tab tab_id=”96384827-7414-4″ title=”Business Growth”]

We plan to help grow your business and we don’t want to be just another marketing agency to you. We are a partnership and with our partnership, our goal is to help your business succeed. Social media is essential for business growth and you don’t have time to learn the in’s and out’s, you are busy running a business.

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Our specialists know how to stretch every dollar of your advertising budget. We will use advanced strategies to make sure your budget is used in the most effective way. We want every dollar to be used to help grow your business.

[/creatica_tab][creatica_tab tab_id=”85c538bf-e75b-9″ title=”Return on Investment”]Earning a return on your investment is always the goal when making an investment and we understand that. We plan to help you earn a return on your investment with the power of social media marketing.


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What kind of results will my business see?

The important performance indicators we look at for results is followers, engagement, and website traffic. These indicators will impact your sales in the long run. We will increase these metrics monthly to show your progress and find out what’s working for you.

How many followers should I expect to gain each month?

Growth on Facebook is going to come from our advertising campaigns and how effective the results are. With the other platforms, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest will see about 100-300 targeted followers every month.

How much traffic will my website receive?

Our goals with social media management are to build an audience and create engagement on your accounts. Your organic website traffic may see an increase in traffic as your following grows. If you want to see immediate results you are going to need our social media marketing services.

Will you monitor messages, comments, and reviews?

Yes, your social media manager will monitor the pages for messages, comments, and reviews. If we know the answer we will answer the question, and respond in a timely manner. If we do not have an answer, we will redirect the question to you and inform you through email.

How are you going to learn my business?

Your social media specialist will review the questionnaire you have completed. Once the questionnaire is filled out, we will schedule an ignition call to go over the questionnaire and any other questions you may have. After the ignition call, we will do more research on your business and develop a customized strategy to help grow your business.

How long does it take to see results?

If results to are followers and engagement, our clients usually will see an increase within the first 30 days. These results should increase every month. The main focus of our social media management services is to build a targeted audience, raise brand awareness, increase engagement and word-of-mouth. If you are looking for conversion in the short term, you might want to consider using our social media marketing services.

Do I have to provide content?

We will create the content for your social media channels, we may ask for some photos if you have any to help create a more natural posts instead of always using stock photography. You can always provide content for us to use if you wanted to.

When can you start?

If you are ready to get started, contact us and we will have one of our social media specialists develop the right social media strategy and develop a proposal for you. After the approval of the proposal, we will send you a contract and we will start your campaign.

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