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You have a few seconds before users usually decide to either stay on your website or leave, while around 90% of website traffic will never return back to your site. Your website is the base of your online presence. Your website is going to help you generate more revenue and develop websites that will help you generate more revenue for your business. We do this by delivering an attractive design, responsive theme, and user-friendly website. We will create a website with an appealing design based on your preferences we will also ensure it will be a mobile-friendly website.

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Our web design team will create a website that will help your business grow and reach new heights. Our websites are user-friendly, responsive and are designed with the customer in mind to optimize the site for conversions. Your website has to show the user that they can trust you, studies have been done and they have concluded that if the website has a good design the deem them to be trustworthy.

Trustworthy Websites

Having a website that is trustworthy to your potential customers will help you create a better experience for them. Our website designers will create a website that will build trust with anyone who enters your website and help you create more conversions.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your customers are using their phones more and their computers less with this shift having a mobile-friendly website are going to be important to make sure customers across all platforms are seeing your sites content correctly. If you want your website to rank on Google you must have a website that is mobile friendly or else you won’t rank in keywords on the search engine.

Amazing user-experience

With your website, you don’t want users to have a difficult time navigating through the site. We want to capture the attention of every user that comes on your page and have a low bounce rate. We will create a website that creates an easy to navigate experience and build a website that will help you increase your conversion rate.

Optimized website


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[/creatica_title][creatica_tabs][creatica_tab tab_id=”d9c827d1-0d45-6″ title=”#1 We will learn about your preferences”]We will assign a website designer from our Phoenix web design team to build your website. To understand all of your website needs and preferences, we will go over a questionnaire with you. On this questionnaire, you can clarify what features you want to be integrated on your website.[/creatica_tab][creatica_tab tab_id=”8e32c8c7-6ade-6″ title=”#2 Setup hosting and website platform”]

Depending on the questionnaire, we will either set up hosting for you and purchase your domain or use the hosting service that you have already established. Our web design team will need to have access to this to create your website.

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Your website loading speed is a critical factor when optimizing your website. We will make sure your website is optimized for fast loading speeds. We will also ensure your website is structured correctly and the errors that are shown after the test is completed will be fixed. This is Google’s speed test to help you find out how fast your website will load for your users.

[/creatica_tab][creatica_tab tab_id=”85c538bf-e75b-9″ title=”#4 Launch your website”]After you approve the website design, we will launch the live version. Our team will make sure the publishing of your site goes smoothly and you can now enjoy your website that you have been waiting for.[/creatica_tab][creatica_tab tab_id=”4a6762fa-e00a-7″ title=”#5 Website Maintenance”]We will maintain your website and update your website as you need it. Many people do not have the knowledge to keep their website running smoothly.  We will help you whether you need us on a monthly basis or an “as needed” basis, our team will assist you with what you need to be done.[/creatica_tab][/creatica_tabs]

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How will you build a website that fits my business?

Our website design team is going to understand your needs and preferences in our website design questionnaire. In this questionnaire you will be able to talk about your needs and any preferences you have for the website. You can also provide us with any examples of websites, we won’t copy the website exactly but our creative designers will build something that you will love.

What happens if I don't like my website?

After the website is developed, we will send the website to you for review and you can develop a list of edits and we will revise your website.  Our team will go through two full revisions of your website to make sure you are happy with what we deliver.

What if I don't like the website design?

After the website is developed we will send you a draft of the site and you can create a list of edits that you want to be done and we will make the edits. We will complete two revisions of the website to make sure you are satisfied with the website.

How does website maintenance work?

You have the choice to be on an “as needed” basis or use our website maintenance plans. Our unlimited website maintenance plans include unlimited changes to your website, security, routine backups, and more. For more information on this, please contact us.

What do you need from me for the website?

We would need access to your hosting account, domain name, logo files, and any content that would like to have on your website. Once we have this, we will design your website to your expectations. If you do not have anything done yet, we can set everything up for you.

What platform will my website be built on?

We build our websites on Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress. We can develop a website that will best suit your business and help you drive the most sales. Our team is very verse in their design skills and will be able to accommodate your needs.

How long do websites usually take?

It normally takes us 25-45 days to complete a website once we have all the information that we need to start the website.

How do I rank my website in more keywords?

You can rank your website in more keywords by using our search engine optimization services.  We will create blogs, press releases, guest blogs,  monitor keywords, conduct keyword research and other services to help your website rank higher on the Google search engine.

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