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WiFi Marketing




WiFi Marketing

Our WiFi marketing service allows brick and mortar businesses to get the tools they need to grow their email list and create a personalized connection with their customers. With WiFi marketing, you are able to collect email addresses when a customer connects to your wifi. Once the customer connects to the wifi we are able to send them smart messages, track their walk-through-rate™, the lifetime value of your customer and much more. Our WiFi marketing is one the most loved email marketing solutions for brick and mortar businesses. When you power Wifi marketing with our social media marketing service, you will see supercharged results such as generating more loyal customers and bringing in new customers.

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Customers who sign on to the wifi visit 65% more than customers who don’t.

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Merchants have experienced up to 10% increases in positive reviews within 30 days. Time to boost your online reputation.

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With WiFi marketing, you can collect customer data five times faster than traditional methods.

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Smart Messages

With our smart messages, you can build a personalized connection with your customers. We will send the right message to your customers at the perfect time. Let’s say Jennifer hasn’t come into the store in 30 days, you can create a customized message to entice her back in. We can also create segments for people who come in during happy hour or other specials you may have, and with these segments, we can send emails to the people who have visited in the past during this time.


Once a customer connects to the wifi, we will be able to learn more about the customer’s demographics. We are able to find this with our software, it will search the internet for any information that involves that email address. This is great for understanding your target market and finding out the actual demographics of your customers.


The Walk-Through-Rate™  is the number of people who walk through your door. This is one the best metrics to track because it will let you know how effective your smart messages are. With most email marketing solutions you track the click-through-rate which tracks the number of clicks from your email to your website but when you have a brick and mortar you want to see who comes in from your email blasts, the Walk-Through-Rate™ allows us to find this.

Lifetime Customer Value

Everytime a customer comes into your business they have a value assigned to them and this value will be based on the average amount a customer spends when they visit your establishment. We can track the average amount that is spent by each customer and each customer will have their own profile where we can see these metrics.


Reputation Management

85% of people trust online reviews as personal recommendations. This means most of your customers are going to search for you online and if your online reputation isn’t portraying a good presence people are most likely not going to go to your establishment. We will manage your online reputation and after a customer leaves your establishment we will send them a thank you email and at the bottom, they can review the business. We will also manage any negative feedback from your customers and speak with them about why they left negative feedback. Your online reputation is critical when bringing in new business to ensure it is being handled properly.


Customer Loyalty

Since we can track our customer’s visits this allows customer loyalty to become even easier. We can set up and email blast with a discount to send out after a customer visits a certain amount of times. This makes having a separate customer loyalty programs a thing of the past, with this integration it will make it a lot easier to manage things.


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How do you collect the email addresses?

We will provide you with access points that you can plug in and your customers will get instant access to free, fast, and secure WiFi. These access points are connected to your personalized login portal. Your users will see on their device when they attempt to login to your wifi and from there they can enter their email address.

How long does it take to set-up the access point?

The access points take roughly 5 minutes to set up, it will be plugged into an ethernet port and from their, your customers will have free wifi.

Do I still need an internet provider?

Yes, you will still need to have an internet provider because our access points are going to be running off of your internet.

Who will be creating smart messages for my business?

We will assign an email marketing specialist to your account and they will create content for your smart messages. They will have experience in creating smart messages for your industry. All the work that is completed will be quality checked by the director and then will be sent to you.

How are you going to understand my business?

We will take the time to learn your business as well as your competitors and use the information we receive from the questionnaire to understand your business. We take pride in learning our customers business to help them find what services will best fit them.

How are you going to understand my business?

We will take the time to learn your business as well as your competitors and use the information we receive from the questionnaire to understand your business. We take pride in learning our customers business to help them find what services will best fit them.

Can I provide content for the smart messages?

Yes, you can provide content for the smart messages, we would love to use it. Your email marketing specialist will be developing creative smart messages that fit your business. We will create content that will provide value to your customers and help increase conversions.

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